The Official SiPhox Podcast Episode 1: Team Spotlight — Sarat Gundavarapu

Written by SiPhox Health Research Team

SiPhox is growing and we could not be more excited about the talented people that are joining us! We recently took some time to sit down with our Principal Photonics Scientist, Sarat Gundavarapu, to discuss his background in laser science, his path to SiPhox, and his specific role within the company.

Sarat Gundavarapu — Principal Photonics Scientist

Sarat grew up in city of Hyderabad, located in Southern India, where he did his EE undergrad then went on to work in the software industry. Not entirely satisfied with the world of bits, he moved to the US to complete his Master’s and Ph.D. at UCSB, working on narrow-linewidth chip-scale lasers and integrated photonic gyroscopes. Looking to apply his expertise to a good cause, Sarat transitioned to bio-medical photonics, eventually joining SiPhox in September 2020 after a Postdoc at Massachusetts General Hospital.

In this podcast, we talk about everything from lasers to the downloading of consciousness and why Sarat prefers Facebook to Twitter.

Listen to the full interview here:

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*Correction from Sarat: Brillouin gratings in SBS lasers are formed due to the photoelastic effect, not the photorefractive effect.