Case Study: A Leading Holistic Health Center in South Florida

How SiPhox Health enabled a leading wellness clinic on a mission to improve early health tracking with at-home blood testing and biomarker tracking.

The customer is based in South Florida and is led by licensed wellness professionals focusing on PEMF therapy, biofeedback coaching, multiscan evaluation, body balance, and applied kinesiology.

Key Areas of Focus:

  • Increase access and convenience of blood testing
  • Increase patient engagement and follow-ups based on test results
  • Unlock core clinic wellness treatments with at-home testing

SiPhox Health Offering:

  • SiPhox Health at-home kits testing for biomarkers for inflammation, metabolic fitness, hormone and nutritional balance, and cardiovascular health.
  • SiPhox Health platform that enables real-time access to test results and biomarker trends.

The Problem

The customer wanted to unlock more convenient and faster blood testing. They were previously operating with very limited biomarker data and were asking patients to go to a Quest or Labcorp. The team felt less empowered in their care without regular blood testing for their patients.

The Solution

SiPhox Health deploys kits to the customer which the customer uses in two workflows:

  • Kits are mailed directly to patients to take their blood at home. The sample is then shipped to our lab and results are presented to the wellness team within three days. Clinical decisions and follow-ups are conducted based on the data presented.
  • Kits are offered to patients in-office while they have an appointment. They are completed on-site at the office and shipped directly to our lab.

By the Numbers

  • 40% growth in kits ordered month over month

Hear it from Them:

“It is very nice to know that our feedback is valued highly.”