SiPhox Health cuts barriers to access in Canada and improves accessibility via low-cost testing.

SiPhox Health launched in September 2022 with a low-cost comprehensive panel for inflammation, metabolic fitness, hormone and nutritional balance, and cardiovascular health in Canada.

The Problem:

The Canadian medical system may leave its citizens with long wait times and lackluster care. Canadians are thus forced to take extreme measures to receive a reasonable level of care, often leading to financial distress or an insufficient amount of care. Other at-home testing companies have attempted to meet the needs of Canadians, but have been met with logistical challenges or unacceptable costs.

The Solution:

SiPhox Health stood up an extensive Canadian logistical network, enabling us to offer low-cost testing outside of the United States. Canadian users can now order kits directly to their homes, receiving a comprehensive 17-marker panel without leaving their homes.

Hear about the issues firsthand: